Virtually staged homes sell 78% faster than vacant homes. Virtual staging is also drastically less expensive than having furniture brought into the home for staging. The goal is to have buyers realize the potential of each room. 




Many buyers struggle with spatial relations and the ability to see their own furniture in a space. Additional benefits are to virtually be able to remove furniture, curtains, curtain rods, or even change wall colors. Obviously, when buyers look at the home in person they will be viewing a vacant space, but having seen the possibilities online is what brought them to the home. When I meet a seller at their home to view it for the first time, I am processing in my mind how I would see it as a buyer. I often make pages of notes of things my sellers should do to make their homes shine online. Sometimes the task is more difficult than others. 




Here are a few pictures of before virtually staging and after, when a home was on the market with the seller’s furniture, and then when it was virtually staged after they moved and the home was vacant. 


Second Bedroom - Before and After Virtual Staging


Third Bedroom - Before and After Virtual Staging


Deck - Before and After Virtual Staging


Dining/Living Room - Before and After Virtual Staging



Kitchen - Before and After Virtual Staging



Master Bath - Before and After Virtual Staging


Master Bedroom - Before and After Virtual Staging




We live in our homes creating a space that has meaning to us, we paint walls colors that please us, and we fill our spaces with knick-knacks we have collected over the years. However, when we go to sell we need to realize that those things simply look like clutter to a buyer wanting to see the space and how they might use it. A simple rule of thumb is to prepare your home for sale as if you were trying to replicate a model home and how pleasing they are to walk through. Oftentimes this means boxing things up and putting them in storage. The money you will make vs the cost of storage does not even compare. As an agent, I see pictures online every day that make me dislike the home because of the clutter, too much furniture in a small room, and color choices. 




Having 16 years in the industry, I have the ability to see past this, so imagine how most buyers struggle. Every home should have professional photographs, and every vacant home should at least be virtually staged. For a copy of this information click on this link or call me today at 754-207-4504, and have a great day! View video here