Want to reduce the headache of moving into a new home? Hi, I’m Cheryl Hazel with the Cheryl Hazel Team and All Homes in South Florida.com.

Follow these 12 tips to make moving easier



BEFORE you pack;


  1. Plan your move well in advance. This will help you avoid a last-minute frenzy. Check out move.org for a checklist.
  2. Back up your computers. Protect critical files and photos by storing copies on a portable hard drive you carry with you or uploading the files to a free cloud server such as Google Drive or Dropbox.
  3. Photograph your cords. Shoot images of the cords and connections on your television, sound system, modem, and computer so it’s easier to reconnect everything in your new home.
  4. Make plans for pets. Reduce your pets’ moving stress by boarding them at a kennel or leaving them with friends. 
  5. Get a Movers Guide from the U.S. Post Office. The guide will help you notify friends and service providers of your new address. It also includes $750 in coupons for businesses and services you might need.  Get a printed guide at your local post office or complete the digital version.
    While You Pack
  6. Color-code your packing boxes. This will make it easy to match them to the right rooms in your new home. I use a small spiral notebook and number the lines to correspond to a number on each box. In the notebook, I list the contents of the box, not ON the box. This is a security measure I’ve used for cross country and local moves.
  7. Mark essential boxes separately. Anything you’ll need immediately after move-in should be marked with a red color code. And make sure the important boxes get loaded last so they come off the truck first. 
  8. Create the first-night box of essentials. Include medications, toothbrushes, towels, changes of clothing, and anything else you’ll need immediately. During the Move
  9. Don’t box valuables or important documents. Put jewelry, passports, birth certificates, etc. in a special Move File and hand-carry them in your own car.
  10. Pack a first-day cleaning kit. Include a vacuum cleaner and cleaning supplies so can clean cabinets, closets, and counters before you move your possessions in.
  11. Make a furniture map. Plot where all the large furniture pieces will go to simplify set-up in the new home. You can use graph paper or a free layout tool online. Another tip is to use post-it notes to mark furniture locations for your movers so they know the exact location. After the Move
  12. Save all receipts. If your move is associated with a new job or a transfer, you may be able to deduct some of the costs.

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